Tuesday, June 14, 2011

How to Get Dressed . . . Without Driving Yourself Crazy

From the Amazon.com listing for my 22-page downloadable article:

"Fashion challenged? So is Cynthia Friedlob, author of 'Sorting It Out: One Disorganized Woman Solves the Problem of Too Much Stuff.' In this article, she focuses her uncluttering and organizing spotlight on simplifying any woman's wardrobe. She speaks from baffled personal experience, having made the majority of her clothing decisions guided by the wisdom of Gilda Radner: 'I base most of my fashion taste on what doesn't itch.' But Cynthia lives in Los Angeles, a city that judges your character by your logos, so eventually she had to devise a fashion system so basic that it would be guaranteed to work, even for her. Find out what she learned about how to avoid clothes closet drama and how to get dressed with a minimum of fuss and bother!"

Yes, "How to Get Dressed Without Driving Yourself Crazy" is available once again, now exclusively for the Kindle. Only 99 cents! Click here for the link to purchase. Don't have a Kindle? Click on the link and scroll down the page a bit. On the right side of your screen you'll see free downloadable software that will let you read any Kindle book or article on your PC, iPhone, Blackberry, iPad or Android phone. It's a great deal that gives you access to a huge library of Kindle publications.

I hope you enjoy the article! Please feel free to leave comments or questions here on this post or on Amazon.com. Thank you!