Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Thoughtful Consumer Holiday Sales!

While mindless holiday shopping is something I don't advocate, mindful shopping for meaningful gifts is part of our holiday traditions. With that in mind, here are a few suggestions for gifts from The Thoughtful Consumer for friends and family -- or yourself:

If you'd like a boost to get you going on that seemingly inevitable New Year's resolution to unclutter and organize, try reading my book! You can find it on in both print and Kindle formats, but there's a special sale going on at that will let you save 30% on CyberMonday. To take advantage of the offer, click here for the print version; click here for the e-Pub version (you can read ePub books on the iPad, Nook, your computer and many other devices, but not the Kindle). At check-out, enter the code: CYBERMONDAY.

If you need to focus on getting your closet under control, check out my 20-page article, "How to Get Dressed Without Driving Yourself Crazy." It's available exclusively for the Kindle (and Kindle Reader) here, always for only 99 cents!

Art is beautiful, interesting, challenging, uplifting, stimulating, meditative, thought-provoking, soul-embracing, and sometimes just plain ol' fun. I think of it as an important part of life; I don't think of it as unnecessary "stuff." Granted, if you have too much art in your home, it can become as problematic as anything else that clutters your space, but usually people collect art rather than pile it up like too many toys or t-shirts or plastic food storage containers.

So, because I hope to contribute to the life-enhancing qualities of daily life -- and because it's just plain ol' fun -- I make art. You can see it on my blog, Art by Cynthia, which features examples of art I make and art I like. [Above: Japanese Garden Bridge, 3"x4", image transfer painted with watercolors, matted] Search the categories to see the paintings, drawings and hand-colored photographs I've posted, all with reduced holiday prices if you order by December 25, 2011. There are additional charges for shipping. If you live in Los Angeles and would like to see some of my other work, let me know and we can arrange it.

Happy Holidays!

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