Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Just a Little Bit More About Clutter

Sandy Banks is one of my favorite columnists at the Los Angeles Times, so I was particularly interested to read about her struggles with clutter:

"But I finally hit rock bottom last weekend, as I pawed through my collection of boxes in search of a receipt my tax man needs. My problem isn't containers or labels or color coding. It's the fact that the thickest folders in every bin are MISCELLANEOUS and TO BE FILED."
Oh, how I sympathize!

Her solution was to hire a professional organizer, a great idea for someone who feels overwhelmed by the tasks ahead of her. Of course, she was embarrassed, like many of us would be, to let the organizer see things in a state of chaos, so she cleaned up a bit first, in spite of the organizer's request to let everything remain just as it was. This is about as silly as cleaning up before the cleaning lady comes, but it has the added disadvantage of not giving the organizer a true picture of your problems.

I suspect that a professional organizer would have some useful insights about my clutter, whether I cleaned up a bit first or not. But I also suspect that the ultimate solution would require adopting the famous Nike slogan: Just do it. As much as I'd like to believe that there's a short-cut to improving the situation, I doubt that the useless papers will leap into the shredder on their own nor will the clothes choose to fly from the closet and into the nearest charity collection box. However, like Sandy, I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed right at the moment, too, thus this short blog post. So, I'm adopting the viewpoint of Scarlett O'Hara instead: Tomorrow is another day.

Read the entire article by Sandy Banks here. Clean up tomorrow!

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Soaring Sun said...

I enjoyed your post and the article you discussed. Thanks! As you know, Cynthia, I've just become a full-time RVer, operating my eBay business out of my 22-foot motorhome while I visit family, friends and beautiful places around the U.S. There were so many things I felt I just HAD to keep that are getting jettisoned as I travel, in favor of essentials. But the good news is that what's left is really well organized. I've sold a few eBay items while on the road, and I can instantly find my inventory and packing supplies and get packages mailed out at the next town. I have learned to stay organized by necessity--last year, I spent $200 with locksmiths due to lack of consciousness of where my keys were. It was an eye opener.

Cynthia Friedlob said...

Good to hear from you, Sue! Your adventures are an inspiration. Congratulations on hitting the road so well organized. It's good to know that while you're out there you won't be losing your keys!